Monday, 1 April 2013

Ears pierced!

Little Missy finally got her pierced ears today.

We walked past a counter with a sign in the mall, and I asked if they did the piercings in one go...

She was all keen, as she had been asking us for having her ears pierced for ages. It was on her Christmas wish list last year.

There was a flash of stunned horror on her face when they shot in the piercings, but then she was all smiles!

Dad had walked away. (He could not stand to watch them do it!)

She ran to him after that, and have been all smiles for the whole day when we talk about it!

She was a brave little girl!


  1. Well done to your little Missy...she is becoming such a brave, big girl.

  2. Very brave! Well done to her.


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