Friday, 19 April 2013

For the Over 40 Mothers - a free tribute e-card

Celebrate Motherhood over 40 Mothers' Day e-card

I did have a child over 40 years of age, but you tend to forget it in the normal rat-race that we are in....

There is nothing like having a little kid in your life that makes you forget your own age!
Until you get reminded of it again! :-) (Thanks, Angel!)

A Child After 40 has launched a beautiful tribute album for Mothers' Day 2013 to reveal the true faces of the rising number of over-40 moms.

True Faces of Rising Number of Over-40 Moms Revealed 

In a bid to dispel unfounded, negative stereotypes regarding maternal age—and uncover the real benefits to children of the dramatically rising population of women having children after 40— is launching the "The Over-40 Mother's Day Album", via social media. 
A leading advocacy website for later mothers, says the free online gallery is set to reveal the true faces and authentic voices of the growing ranks of women creating “a mother of an evolution” at the very heart of the Western nuclear family. MORE


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