Friday, 8 March 2013

Chickens and cupcakes

Looking forward to Easter

Today is Sweetie Day at school, with the Little Missy's class selling sweets and cupcakes, generating a bit of income for the class.
As usual I was not cheering from the sides, eager to start baking those cakes...  

That's why I had to drive to three different shops last night to find the right cupcakes, and that would not cost me the last of  my month's food budget. 
I got a "bright" idea to put Easter eggs on top of the cupcakes and call it Easter cupcakes. 
(In my world I am proud of my achievement! Working Mom win!!) 

AND my little one thinks it is great! She helped with putting sprinkles on, and handing me the chocolate eggs. She also scored one to eat!!

Cupcakes with chocolate eggs on top
Dad had to go and buy beer to get us the box
(He did not have any objections ;-) )

The previous week they had chickens hatching at school. They watched the eggs the whole week, and on Thursday the chickens began to appear. Very sweet!
Marked eggs and some chickens in a hatching box
Look Mom!
Luckily the chickens were enclosed
The children all got a turn on Friday to hold a chicken! Very sweet!

Photo by Teacher Marlene
Happy Friday!


  1. Love your cupcakes! Very creative.

  2. How cute to let them see the chics hatch! And love the cupcakes


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