Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday #114 - University of Johannesburg Rag procession

(Photos from cell while we were stuck in traffic on Saturday 4 Feb 2012 - unable to pass Beyers Naude Drive before the whole procession had passed!)


  1. So much fun:) I am glad UJ is still doing Rag(one of the really fun varsity traditions). I didn't attend the University of Natal but I was there when they buried Rag in the local cemetry. A copy of every magazine published for Rag over the years was placed in a coffin. It was a sad ending to a fantastic tradition that was fun and saw lots of money raised for charity. Sadly the varsity had become too political and nobody was interested in taking part anymore.

  2. this part of varsity is over and the serious things start...sending big {{hugs}}


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