Thursday, 18 March 2010

The teen and preparations for the year ahead (for her life)

She was named Arnia Kiara. She has been calling herself Kiara since she started with High School. (They never like the first names they were given. Sigh – I still think Arnia is a name that is special!)
It is crazy that she has grown up so quickly. I have firsthand experience! (Yes, I am the older mom grrrr...!) It has made me realise to savour the toddler and her developmental stages even more. But I do remember that a friend of mine, Yvonne (fellow-blogger) whose daughter is five days older than Arnia, and me used to say that we did not want the two girls to grow older than they were at any of their growing up phases. But it went by in lightning speed, even if we tried to put on the brakes. Arnia was a cute cutie, and now she is a beautiful lady. ALREADY!
She is busy starting to spread her wings; with talk of university and of her own life. It feels too soon, but I know we must start preparing ourselves.
The following needs to be done:
- Get a passport for the French tour in 2011;
- Get a learner’s license this year;
- Get a driver’s license;
- Gather info about studies, and different higher educational institutions;
- Talk to people involved in careers she is interested in: communication, journalism, diplomats, public relations...
- Get her a part-time job (she has already dished out her own ad for child-minding and house-sitting in our complex)

I enjoy her so much, and hope that she would be able to make the most of her life. The ultimate which every parents could wish for – to be happy with what you are doing with your life!

(Photo: the teen posing with hockey clothes – she has been exercising this year with great conviction – she is part of the B-Team at the school)


  1. Arnia is the most amazing beautiful young lady and we love her to bits!! Just realising how much I miss her....... Tears flowing...... The long distance from London never prepared me for how much I will miss my family in SA! To sit crying just reading a blog.

    Enjoy all the planning with her and looking forward to her first visit in the UK too!

  2. O where are the days that we laid Arnia and Marinda side by side in the cot. I still have those photos. We would have coffee together and I think we loved and cherished every moment. Sad that it has gone so quickly. But I look the the girls now and thing: wow- they are beautiful - and we have achieved great things to get them where they are now!!!!!! Thank you for you precious friendship and for your wonderful "love every minute" attitude to life!


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