Monday, 15 March 2010

The toddler is sick! Again!

This time it is upper respiratory tract infection. With a runny nose, a cough, infected ears and a throat. She has been a miserable baby since Friday night 12 o’clock. The fever struck our house with a vengeance. AGAIN! AAAARGHH! I must add: It feels the same as the poop disease, because we are constantly changing nappies, and the slime makes her vomit as well. The coughing also makes her back-fire every time... (Smile)
It is getting a bit boring. Not to mention very tiresome. Today I have decided I take my hat off to all single moms out there. Dries and me have been going at it for the whole weekend, doing nothing else but cater to Mieka’s most precious needs. Because she doesn’t feel well, she is demanding 24/24, and the pointy finger is going in all directions. As soon as we try to give her what the pointy finger demands, the pointy finger wants something else.
Today I am staying at home with her. (She is sleeping right now.) And I am exhausted! Hat off to all you single moms who don’t have a back-up to quickly hand the baby to. I am impressed!
The GP says that she is worried this year. The children are sick already, and the winter hasn’t started yet. She says she gets a lot of upper respiratory tract infections. Is our environment getting more poisonous for the allergies to be increasing like it is? Or is it the exceptionally warm weather for this time of the year that is causing the diseases? It would be interesting to know...
She’s crying. I must go...


  1. Oh my, shaaaame man :( Poor baba!!
    I love "the pointy finger" my son has started doing the cute!
    I hope she gets better soon!

  2. ag nee man! shamepies. I hope she gets better real soon!


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