Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More sleeping woes

We need some sleep! We had a terrible night the previous night! I posted the Wordless Wednesday today just to remind me of the angel she is when she is sleeping. (Smile)
I got the little toddler into bed at around eight, but she woke up every hour after that. At one stage she was walking around our bed, very high spirited! Nothing more depressing than a wide awake toddler after 12 at night! AARghh!
She spent most of the night in our bed, with our bums hanging off the bed. I finally put her back into her bed at 4:50. We are supposed to get up at 5...
She is sleeping now in our bed, and thumbs crossed that tonight will go much better... We are still not sure what is bothering her.
The things you do (tick off) at night to get the toddler to go back to sleep:
- Breastfeeding (works 99% of the time);
- Make sure baby is covered and not cold;
- Check/change the nappy – just in case (most of the times not a problem);
- Try the dummy (which the toddler is not very fond of);
- Make a bottle (just in case);
- Take her into bed with us;
- Turn on a light in the passage (maybe she gets a bit apprehensive of the dark?);
- Put on some cream against eczema (in case it itches);
- Anything...

Sleep! Goodnight!

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  1. When I give chocolates to my one daughter she will not sleep. Every 30 minutes she will get up and is wide awake in the morning waiting for breakfast! This same daughter went through a phase the past 6+ months where she will come visit us every 1 1/2 in our bedroom. We insisted on taking her back to her own bedroom and explain to her that that is where she sleeps and the past month or so she stopped doing this. She is still a very early riser. I don't think that will change until she hits puberty!


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