Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Things to consider when shopping with a toddler

Arnia and I set off with the toddler last Friday evening to do a bit of sale shopping. Bad idea!
Things to consider when shopping with a toddler:
- The toddler is not happy strapped in a stroller;
- The toddler wants to walk around, not necessarily in your vicinity;
- You can’t look at sale things when you have to check where the toddler is;
- The toddler love to unpack sale things. It takes you much longer to put it back again;
- The toddler gets hungry and thirsty within half an hour after arriving at the shops;
- The toddler picks up things, and if you don’t spot it immediately, it finds its way into her mouth;
- The toddler is not eye level height, and other sale shoppers tend to fall over her;
- You get the “Oh, cute” comments, but also frowns from other shoppers;
- Bags can’t be hooked on the stroller when the toddler is not in it – it topples and breaks and spills (bath oil in our case) all over the floor;
- You have to take turns to look at the sale and to go and fit clothes;
- The toddler does not want to stand/sit in the queue with you;
- You can’t take your time looking at the sale.

Next time we will take her dad with us to keep an eye on her, or better, leave her with her dad!
The things you learn the hard way... (Grin!)

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