Monday, 1 March 2010

What is this hugging all the time?

The teens were banned from hugging at school last week. A hug gets a yellow card, and three yellow cards lead to detention. I said to the teen that I am impressed with the teachers, and that they get my vote. All this hugging, especially with the boys at school, freaks me out! (The teen is not impressed! Her mother is not cool at all!)

It starts from day care already. The children are hugging each other and their teachers. When they see their teachers they run towards them and hug them, even outside the school premises.
In our Calvinistic upbringing it was not an option. We used to greet each other at school with a hello, staying at least 2 meters apart. But it changed between this generation (60-70s babies) and the next (80s babies and on). Or did I miss some important notes in my upbringing? (It’s possible! Smile)

The teens started a Facebook event about the hugging on Friday. They were supposed to hug a lot! I was expecting a call from a teacher, but the teens were not that rebellious as they planned to be... (Smile)

I know; I need to learn something from this generation. Hugging is a good thing. The teen reminded me that 28 hugs a day keeps you very healthy. I have not checked the fact, but it can’t be bad! Powerwoman will practice her hugging skills more…

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