Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Hubby

I have said before: I am very lucky with the Hubby! He is my MM – my millennium man!

He WORKS! That scores big time with me! For some it would be unfathomable, but it happens that it is not a given in certain households. Years back, in a previous life, I had an X (the cancelled one) who did not think it was that important for a husband to work. As long as the wife is working...

Hubby helps with everything, and even more. We are getting treated with the most wonderful dishes that he instinctively conjures up. (I can’t do it- I have to use my same known recipes again and again, or I need guidance from a recipe book.) He just whips it up! No wonder we are struggling with the weight! (Smile)

He is also a wonderful partner with regards the two daughters. He drives the teen to school, and mostly picks her up again. He does not complain when she wants to go out, and have to pick her up at ten or later at night. He helps with changing nappies, and bathing and feeding of the toddler.

He was driving us three back from Pretoria last night, which is about an hour’s trip. It was after ten, and all of us were fast asleep. Hubby said he was really struggling to keep his eyes open. He was turning the air-conditioning up, and shaking his head to keep awake.

Thanks, Hubby, for looking so well after you precious cargo, not only when you are the driver!

(Photo: Hubby with the toddler on Saturday while we were busy with clicker training)


  1. Wow! I love the new look that you are working on! I like it much better.

    I agree with your comments about your hubby. We are by ourselves in the US and it would've been an almost impossible task to raise two small children and work and run a household by ourselves if it was not for my fabulous hubby who does more than his fair share around here!

  2. Thanks! I am also enjoying working with Blogger's new template options!


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