Thursday, 4 March 2010


The toddler has been speaking to us in recent times in a rounded vowel–type of language. It sounds as if she is speaking underneath the water. She looks at you, very seriously, and rolls beautiful sounding “words” out of her mouth. (I am struggling to describe it.) I am calling it mermaid-speak. We do not recognise any words in this mermaid language of hers.
It is SOOO cute; we starts smiling as soon as she starts a conversation, and sometimes we find ourselves bursting out with laughter. It is too difficult not to smile, at least.
I hope it won’t impact her negatively; the fact that we are not able to hold a straight face/s.
I hope that she understands that we think she is adorable when she speaks in her mermaid language?


  1. Hope you are recording it on video! I want to hear too! Love mermaid language.

  2. you should record a short clip and share. And when you play clips of them back to them they get so excited!

  3. I have tried, but difficult. Will try again :D


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