Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Women's rights in the month of August

Strong Women #quote on Pinterest

Here's to strong women everywhere for the month of August!

And even though you think you are not strong, believe that you are!

The Student pulled out her soapbox, and I so love that she gets this:

"...the responsibility of the extent of the abuse, does not only lie with the abuser, but with you and how much you will allow until you say: ENOUGH!"

Read here:

Millenium Lady: Women's rights in the month of August

So proud of the strong woman she is!


  1. Well done to the student (and you)

  2. That's why they say you are your own worst fear.... Those people are only fighting a battle with themselves.

  3. Well done to your daughter...hope you are having a wonderful Woman's Day xx


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