Monday, 11 August 2014

A weekend camping with the Voortrekkers #thingsyoudoforyourchildren

On the dirt road to Hartbeesfontein

Little Missy had a blast this past weekend.

She told us that she could have stayed camping with the Voortrekkers until she is a grandmother herself! She also wished that her friends could have experienced the same!

Some of the photos:

She told her dad today that the best thing of the weekend was the jungle gym in front of their sleeping quarters!

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises!

No problem in getting them to eat this whole weekend

Fun stuff


Learning how to make popcorn on the fire

Popcorn on the fire

Foam fun

A forest creation from dough and leaves

A number of these 

In concert - the Grade R Suikerbekkies
("I was so shy, Mom!")

A last key ring creation

Lots of tree climbing, and rescuing

Some of the things the Moms and Dads had to do this weekend: (For future reference, of course)

- Camping in the cold and dust.

- Hanging around children who tells you that you are not needed! You can go!

- Doing camp duties such as a night walk with the children, or a 12 - 2 am security watch. (Although I have a strong suspicion that the dads enjoyed the standing-around-the-camp-fire-with-wine-stories!)

- Standing to attention 6 times and singing the National Anthem.

- Being woken by Afrikaans songs being played over loudspeakers at 6 am on Saturday and 6:30 on Sunday.

- Having to remind the little ones they need to go to the toilet, or brush their teeth, or change clothes! (Not a priority in their lives!)

- Having to do a dust load of washing after the weekend.

- Having to contend with very exhausted children on Sunday night.

Yes, the things we do for our children!


  1. Wha - I missed all this as I still had my arm in the sling and hubby went with the kids. A was seriously unimpressed having a parent there but the boys loved it.

  2. Awesome! We're joining up next year. Can't wait! It brings back soooo many happy childhood memories for me. I hope N loves it even half as much as I did.

  3. Looks like she had a lot of fun!

  4. Heerlik...dit het my terug geneem na my eie voortrekker kamp dae.


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