Monday, 25 August 2014

Holi Festival of Colours - worth putting it on your bucket list!

It was fun! It was full of colours! It was loud!
It was MUSIC!

I am glad we had the opportunity to attend the a Holi Festival of Colours in Joburg. I had won it over on Jenty's blog. The Student booked some early bird tickets, and we crashed their party! No!

We got some photos evidence of being splashed in colours and we ate and we drank and laughed at all the outfits and antics! And did some jigging!
And threw the colours!

The first colours at 2 pm
Colours at 3 pm

The evidence

Photo bombed 

Hubby and me also got a chance for an extra date night when we left the party for a quiet dinner and drinks! 

It was a lovely experience altogether!

(And after washing all those whites yesterday, we managed to salvage most of our white clothes for summer! Win-win!)


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