Tuesday, 12 August 2014

School readiness

We are getting the results of the tests back this afternoon. It really is a difficult decision. 

Little Missy was born in December, and we want to make sure!

I must mention that after this past weekend at the Voortrekker camp, I am less worried. She did her own thing, and could cope without us!
She even instructed us to leave her!

I don't see how we would be able to keep her for another year in Grade R?


  1. Trust you gut feel but one thing I do know for sure - in all ways my January born child has things easier (especially socially and emotionally) than my late September child who academically is doing great, but not so much all the emotional stuff.

    I am a December baby - for me writing matric at 17 was emotionally tough - I was younger than the others.

    Our pediatrician kept her December baby back - when I asked her why she simply said "Why do I want my child to be the youngest in the class while she can be the oldest?"

  2. Thanks, Cat! Really appreciate your input!

  3. As an ex grade one teacher if she turns 7 only in Dec rather keep her back. All the people at the beginning of the year do so well (Jan -March) June copes ok, but Sept - Dec they struggle. It is so amazing. It's like a piece of the puzzle when you try and figure out why they aren't coping, it's because of when they were born. The one kid I will say was an exception academically he coped very well (he was born in Dec) but emotionally he didn't (major tantrums refusing to go to school) and his handwriting was awful. Another kid (boy as well) was born in Dec and I really think he should have been kept back but he was a relative of the principal and I think they just pushed him. Since Little Missy is a girl there is a possibility she might be more mature (emotionally?) but if I were you I would keep her back.

  4. PS I was lucky I was a March baby and school was so easy for me. My poor sister was born in September and she was in my shadow!

  5. I am sure that she will be fine and ready xx

  6. I was born in August and I was kept back the one year...and school was so easy peasy! It just seemed the older kids coped way easier with school and the social conditions.
    You know your child best, do what the mother in you says.


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