Monday, 26 November 2012

We have a budding athlete in our midst

"Look at my medal!"

The Toddler had her first athletic event on Friday.
That was the first time we saw her in action on the field, competing against her fellow 4-year age group.

The excitement and the enthusiasm in which they all took part were infectious!

Our Toddler was not in the first bunch. More to the end of the pack...
At one stage I had to pull back the video to see where she was being hold up!
She was there. Part of the group in the back, but still running her very best!

It doesn't matter! She enjoyed it!

And I wish I can keep it that way for her! That exercise should be fun, and should not become a competition that only a few can win!

I had a discussion today about the fact that there should be made more of the winners!
Although the first three were put on a podium and they were handed medals.
Is that not sufficient highlighting of their accomplishments?

The rest of the children also got chocolate medals, which I think is a good way of handling it at pre-primary level!

I think we kill it for our children by only rewarding the ones that are in front.
I never liked competition, but I loved the exercise!

It should be about taking part, the exercise and being a whole person!

What are your thoughts on athletics and winning?


  1. I agree to an extend - the only problem being that it iss a hard lesson to learn once you get to grade 1

  2. I think it's better than to lose than win. You learn more from losing than from winning because 1) you can see the other person’s winning strategies and prepare a countermeasure, and 2) you are more analytical and critical when reviewing your performance.

    If people won every time then sport would be boring. I believe the one's in the back always shine the brightest.

  3. What? Competition is amazing, and it's not just in athletics, it spills over in every day life. I love it and it really motivates me, even if it's just a competition with myself. Healthy forms of competition is what drives a lot of very successful people.

    So many successful people or "winners" are being demonized these days. I think the world is becoming too politically correct with this stuff. We should be admiring winners/successful people and try to lift ourselves to their level.

    my 2c

    1. I hear you! There's also something to be said about hard work and seeing the results of it!

  4. Some people and some children HAVE to win at all costs. Some are just naturally more competitive...part of their personalities. I think it is good if all the little ones are rewarded but as they get older they understand that only some win.


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