Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hooked on Ballet

I like to take the Toddler to a ballet concert at least once a year. She enjoys it soooo much, and I think she gets an idea of what it is all about!

This year we had tickets for a show, and the show got cancelled a week before the time.

Luckily a friend of mine told me about their children's end-of-year concert of the Dance School Hooked on Dance.

Leigh-Anne Gorrie, the Principal Dance Mistress, presented a whole show with her fledgling and more advanced dancers in different genres of dance styles.

The littlest ones were once again the stars of the show. These two twins (on the right) had us laughing smiling about their antics on stage.

We had a Toddler enthralled!
With a regular chirp-in: "Where's Cara?" and "There's Cara!" (one of the friends in the show)

It definitely inspired our Toddler, because she has been commanding us to sit down countlessly to watch our Toddler dance at home...

A tantrum because I did not watch 100%

Next year I will definitely make a more concerted effort to get us tickets for a ballet show.

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