Friday, 23 November 2012

One month to the big 4

She is a month away from her fourth birthday.

This Mom has lost her budget mojo for party planning.
I don't think I ever had it, and day-dreaming (hers and mine) about kid's parties does not make it happen.
I think I will phone the teacher to take party packs to school before the end of the semester which happens within two weeks.
Watch this space! (Really!)

It does not make me feel better when I see all the blog posts about wonderful children's parties with wonderful themes...
My wish is to phone up a party person and say organise. I will pay! (I hope you hear me, Universe!!)

We are going to an athletics events at her school tonight, and we are looking forward to it! It seems it has generated a lot of excitement!

Some anecdotes of  recent times:

- I went to fetch the toddler the day before yesterday at school while they were busy reading a Christmas story to them. She was crying crocodile tears because she is "shy" for Christmas Father! (I have no idea what that means!)

- Last night we signed up at our local gym. I had the prerequisite that I would only sign up if she would be happy to stay in the kiddies section. She walked in there and did not want to go again! She loved it!
(So, no excuses for me!)

- We were at our local Dischem the other day, and Mieka told me that one of her friends at school has a roll-on, and she wanted one as well. As I don't like all the baddies in the roll-ones, I sold her on a spray which I hoped we could convince her to only spray on her clothes. But she is adamant that it should go on her "kieliebakke" (roughly translated: "tickle armpits"). It is also a word we do not use. So the next morning I had to help her lift up her clothes to spray it on, and when she got to school her father had to pray it on again! Luckily the novelty wore off after a day...

The weekend is upon us!
Off to the athletics!

Enjoy yours!


  1. Yeah I also lost my party mojo for Ewan this year. He had a cake at school and then another and some presents with our friends that night. No big party. I feel bad but I just didn't have the inclination. Have fun with all your end of year activities and good luck with the gym.

  2. I lost my party mojo early in my kiddies was usually held at a party venue or party packs was sent to don't feel bad. Hope you had a great time at the athletics.

  3. I can help with the party planning :)

    YAY for gym :))

  4. Every year I wish not to do a party, but at a certain age the expectations get high. I think you may have one last year to get away without it or something small at the school


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