Monday, 19 November 2012

The reluctant gymnast

For the past few weeks we have had a reluctant gymnast who does not want to take part in the gymnastic exercises anymore.

She tells us she does not want to go.

But she loves hanging and swinging and jumping on the trampoline. It's just when they are asked to stand in a group and doing the warm-up exercises, or having to do exercises on their own...

We are not supposed to help them anymore and have to look on from the side. She still wants us to stand with her and hold her hand...

I look at all the other children and they all get their uncooperative days.

But she has been doing it now for quite a while...

I don't know if it's worth forcing her! I would have loved for her to continue a little longer. I think the exercises are extremely good, and she gets to catch up on milestones she might have missed, such as not crawling (she only did a crab creep).

How long should I give her before we call it a day?

What do you do about extra activities and children suddenly deciding they do no want to go anymore?



  1. Apart from swimming (which is not negotionable we expect them to do the year and finish it. Next year we can change. We feel it is simportant to learnt he lesson to stick with something

  2. Don't force her! She is going to do enough in school. I hated gymastics.

  3. Give her a break. It is end of year and next year she might just feel like doing it again.

  4. You cannot force kids to do anything but you can encourage them.


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