Friday, 10 February 2012

Centrum Kids supplement contains Aspartame

What happens when you go and buy a multivitamin for your kid?
You trust that the manufacturers have your child's welfare at heart.
You trust that you are able to give him a little boost with regards today's lessened nutrients in foods and overloads of toxins.

Apparently you cannot just pick a bottle of the shelve. You have to read all of the small ingredients, and sometimes it is not even displayed on the box, but on the bottle.
Most of the times we don't know what we are buying. I find it very scary!

We not only have to check the medicines, but the vitamins as well!

Michelle West, mother of Caitlin, the twin who has cerebral palsy, went to buy vitamins, and was recommended Centrum Kids. She checked on the box that it did not contain Aspartame, but only saw at home that it actually does! In a children's vitamin!

She went on an email and Facebook campaign to warn other mothers, and was contacted and reimbursed by Pfizer.

But the product is still on the shelves in South Africa...

The whole story was also told in Times Live yesterday!

In the words of Michelle:
"If, as a parent, you decide that it is in your child’s best interest to still purchase this product, having all the information, with or without testing them beforehand, then that is your right. I won’t be accused of telling anyone what to do, and that is certainly not my intention.
To my knowledge, there are no documented white papers detailing the effects on children from different countries and of different races, having taken the product over an extended period of however many years and regularly tested to see the effects and their wellbeing. Until that sort of data is provided, I choose to give the product a skip. 
I must reiterate that this is not intended a smear campaign. For this reason, I have not revealed the names of the representatives I have spoken with. They are only doing their jobs.
As a mother, as a citizen and as a consumer, I stand for everyone in South Africa by documenting this.
Those little people that you’ve brought into this world are so precious. They are, quite rightly, our future. If we don’t look out for them, who will?"

Thanks, Michelle, for making us aware!

The Facebook link:


  1. I'm not even sure what aspar... Asper... That stuff is. But I try to only give my kids basic foods - nature's foods and rarely medications or synthetic stuff. This is why. x

  2. It looks as if buying anything has become a dangerous minefield. We will have to get into the habit of reading all the bottles.


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