Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Breastfeeding the toddler: positives and negatives

It is going very well breastfeeding the baby. She is 13 months. While I can’t see any negatives for me or the baby, I will keep on breastfeeding.
She gets formula during the day at day care, but during the evenings, nights, early mornings; and over weekends it is breast milk.

Positives in continuing with breastfeeding after 1 years of age
- Baby gets the best nutrition possible.
- Bonding time with the baby is continuing.
- It is a soothing mechanism.
- Baby is not particularly fond of a dummy (no need to later struggle getting rid of the dummy or bottle)
- We don’t have to prepare bottles with formula.
- We save on formula.
- Apparently it is also very good for the mother’s health to continue after one year of age: “lowering their own risk of a heart attack or stroke.” (MilkUK)
- I am able to work, and still breastfeed late afternoon and during the night.
- (We are able to leave her with other people for a while, because she drinks bottle as well.)

Negatives in continuing with breastfeeding
- Difficult to get baby to stay focused while breast feeding. She wants to look around as well. (I am not able to breastfeed in public anymore; baby opens up the blanket when I try to put it over her head. Smile)
- Mother always has to be in the vicinity when baby needs her feed, especially difficult during the night.
- Struggle to sooth baby with the bottle or a dummy.
- We cannot leave baby for long periods with other people because she is still depending on breastfeeding. (Not a big problem, because we don’t want to)
- Baby bites with her new teeth! (Smile)
- Reason why we still struggle with sleeping at night?

My vote goes to breastfeeding and to try and continue for as long as possible. I will give her the opportunity to indicate when she wants to wean. Possibly at two years of age? I have heard that 2 years is a good time to stop? What do you think?

(Photo: The frown that pops up quite regularly now)
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  1. IT is such a special time - enjoy for as long as you can!

  2. I totally agree, a have a problem with milk supply, with my 1st I had to stop at 4 months. i am proud to say 6 months later and I am still breastfeeding Sumayah albeit only at night. i hope I can continue past 1 year!

  3. WELL DONE!!!
    I stopped at 7 months...not by choice, more like Raiden's choice...it was a very sad time for me and no matter what I did he didn't want to breastfeed. I still feel sad sometimes when I think about not being able to breastfeed him.
    Enjoy it, like Yvonne said, it is a very special time. You've done so well :D


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