Friday, 15 January 2010

Day two back in reality - school, day care and work report back

It is going well in 2010 for the family. We are back at our stations!
The teen is back at school – complaining about her class teacher, but happy to be reunited with the BF. She is planning to work hard in grade 11. They are planning with the French teacher for the French tour in 2011… (Of course it is a big headache for the parents who are going to have to finance it. I hope our ship is sailing already…)
The toddler is back at day care. It went very well when I went to drop her off. She was in such awe of the other babies; she did not even notice that she had been put down on the ground. (She usually complains loudly, and stretches her body to get upright.)
The day care person is very sweet. She reckons the babies/toddlers recognised her after the holidays. She also noticed no difference in Mieka; no spoilt behaviour. (Sigh of relief!!) I felt a slight bit jealous when one of the toddlers, she is two weeks younger than Mieka, is walking like a chump.
Why do we do it to ourselves? Comparing them? In a while Mieka is going to walk as well… We actually have a few weeks of grace before we are going to have to run after her. Arnia and I tried to get her to walk for a few steps yesterday afternoon, but Mieka would not have any of it. The finger or nothing!
I am back at work as well. After a day of wading through emails, and starting to work, it feels like I have never left! But I am not complaining. I have a great job listening to radio programmes and cataloguing them. Great to see my colleagues as well! Really! REALLY! (Evil smile)
Dries is still on holiday, but running around between the office and home. Unofficially he has started to work as well! I tried to start dinner with rice on the stove, but after it started to pop (not enough water or attention), I phoned Dries and we resorted to pizza! Real rescue food!
Healthy eating starts today! Today, Karen!! (Grimace)

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  1. Welcome back. It is a shock to start another new year, and send the kids back to where they have to go. But, it gives life structure again... and hopefully everything settles down after that!


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