Thursday, 21 January 2010

The toddler is 13 months & THE DIET starts today!

13 months today! She is waving to us with open arms, not the “come-here” hands of earlier. And she is able to get up by herself from the floor, and stand for a second or so. But that’s it! Walking without holding onto things, or the finger, is not yet an option…
At day care they move the babies to another class when they start walking. It worries me, because I think it is good for them to stay for a bit longer in the same class with the same caregiver. Mieka, take your time…
The frown is also a regular feature nowadays. I will try to get a photo. She frowns when she is unsure, or when we bother her. Utter cuteness! (Says the mom who thinks everything she does is cute, in any case!)
(Photo: Kwa Maritane: Another pointy finger)

I stood on the scale at the dietician this morning. It is one of those scales who gives you your whole history and where there’s no more bullshitting! It even gives you your metabolic age, but I am not going to divulge it. I feel too embarrassed about these huge details! The fake healthy until you are did not do the trick.
I have to eat better, and exercise!
I am stiff today for climbing stairs the day before yesterday (the second day is always the worst), and it’s a good reminder of the effort I will have to exert.
Unfortunately it doesn’t help to know all the health tips, but not to put it into practice… (Duh, Karen!)
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  1. Eish. Seems like we have all started the year in the same way - looking in shock and horror at that awful little needle on the scale, which just climbs up and up to unknown heights when we get on the scale. Don't worry - I had the same hoorid revelation. Am also dieting.... Yug - wish there was an easy way.

  2. No easy way to do it! Unfortunately! :-(


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