Thursday, 28 January 2010

Through the eyes of the teen: Chill please!

The teen teaches us to look at the world in a new way, again. We recognize it because once we were there as well. It is optimism and conservatism. The world is black and white!
The indignant exasperation when the world does not revolve around a certain set of rules. We wish we could stay there – taking up of arms - and not just shrug our shoulders at all the injustices of the world. I hope we as adults help her to keep the na├»ve believe in a world where we are able to make it better! Not just to accept as it is! Not to say to her: “O, well, this is just how it is!”
We will guard ourselves against the fatalistic approach!
We haven’t seen the rebellious teenager that is supposed to have popped up by now! I don’t think we will see a rebel. If there is sometimes a little flare-up, it is usually because of miscommunication or misunderstandings about important stuff! (Important to us, at least, Smile)
I have a theory that rebellious teenagers are an indication that something is not A-Okay at home, but maybe I am wrong?
We hear on a regular basis! “Chill, please!”
But it gets to us when she loses a key, and thinks it is okay to make it better and final with a “Sorry!” Maybe it is okay, and maybe we should be the Chillers. It is very frustrating!
Putting it on a scorecard. It is great to have a teen within our midst. The excitement about boyfriends, and functions, and new clothes, and friends, and the future! The world is young and alive, and they are there to claim it for themselves!
Aaahh, I love her youthful exhilaration about life!

(Photo: Arnia before the award ceremony)

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