Tuesday, 12 January 2010

RIP Bushveld holiday

(Photo: Mabula Game Reserve swimming pool)
We are beginning to surface in real life. We arrived back from holiday in the Bushveld tonight. It was shear bliss! Bushveld all around us, pitch black skies with stars, wild life and happy times with family! (Thanks again, sis Ronel and Anton, for inviting us with you).
It was a great way to start 2010. We managed to sidestep the half of January already. The teen is starting in grade 11 tomorrow. She said she can’t wait for school to start. I wanted to record her saying it, but I just got an irritated “No, Ma!”
The toddler enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly. And through her eyes we enjoyed it even more. She was into all the small little things. The birds, and lizards, and dung beetles, and flowers. She has a very cute way of calling to them. Stretching out both of her hands, and motioning with her fingers as if to say “come here”, but it looks like she is waving. She did not see the crocodiles when Arnia tried to show her (probably because they did not move). But she saw the elephants which came last night to disrupt the bush braai (barbeque) at Modjadji at Mabula Game Reserve. She also waved at them. It was very exciting to see the elephants so close, but the game rangers had to warn the guests time and again not to get to close. Strange how easily people can think that it is not dangerous when there is a pole in between and there are a large group of people.
Tomorrow it is back to reality. AAARGHHH!

(Photo: Mother and baby white rhino this morning on the game drive)

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