National Bandana Day

Monday, 25 February 2013

The world according to Little Missy

An interview by Dad yielded the following insights from our Little Missy.
(We caught it on video, but it is a bit too long, and she pulls up her dress the whole time during the interview)

Dad: Mieka, how big is the earth?
M: Shows with hands *smiling* (see photo)
D: Is it round or square?
M: Round
Dad: What colour is it? Blue or green?
M: Blue
D: Is it water or land?
M: Water... land
D: Where do you stay? On earth?
M: Yes! On top of the world
D: Where do Dad & Mom stay?
M: With me
D: Where is the moon?
M: Up above
D: What colour is the moon?
M: Yellow
D: From what is the moon made of?
M: Light, and clouds
D: From what is the sun made of?
M: Yellow
D: Is the sun hot?
M: Yes!
D: Is the sun far or near the earth
M: Near the earth!
D: Can we walk on the sun?
M: Shakes head
D: Can we walk on the moon?
M: Shakes head.
D: Why not?
M: It is a bit slippery
D: Is it made of cheese?
M: Shakes head
D: Is there a man on the moon?
M: Yes. He wants to slide off.
D: Where does he want to slide to?
M: Off to the ground.
     He falls off the moon!
D: How does he go back to the moon?
M: With balloons.
D: How long does it take him to fly with the balloons?
M: Slowly. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9...
D: Very good! (Please leave your dress)


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