Friday, 8 February 2019

Parenting before work - I high-fived myself

Mom and daughter selfie
School drop-off selfie
Yesterday. It was one of those mornings. So many things had to happen, and it had to happen before 6:30 am. We had to be in the car by 6:05 am. Traffic is hectic again! It's February. Hubby did his share and made sure breakfast was ready at 5:55. He even ran after the car with my morning coffee. We were out of the gate at 6:07. Not bad! Thank you so much, Hubby! You are a star!

On our way to school we were going through Afrikaans language idioms for the Afrikaans test today. At school we had five minutes to go through the last bit of test material. There was even time for a playful selfie. I said goodbye to Miss Fine, and got back in the car. But only for a minute, after I had to sneak back and drop an envelope in the office. Valentine's Day is coming up next week at school, and they have an initiative running with foil balloons. R20 for a balloon with a secret message is not bad.

When I was walking back I saw Miss Fine crying at the gate. She left her small aftercare bag in the car. Luckily I was still there to save the day. The crisis was averted! "Phew!"

Yesterday was a high on my parenting scale. We could learn before school and it went well in the exams. Valentine's Day is sorted, and Miss Fine is not going to feel left out. I was there when she forgot her bag. Usually I can't turn around when something like this happens! But today, all was good again at 6:30. And I was on time at work!

High five for a job well done! Days like these make the rest forgettable, and I am writing this down for future reference. On purpose.

Sometimes we get it right, Miss Fine!

When did you get 100% for parenting, life and juggling? ;-)

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