Monday, 18 February 2019

Joburg has now The Kids Gym at Cedar Square

Girl sitting on kid's rowing machine at The Kids Gym with words on wal: The Kids Gym is my happy place
The Kids Gym
Who thought of a concept like this? The Kids Gym is now in Johannesburg as well, at Cedar Square in Fourways. It's a gym just for kids! My first reaction was to ask but why? Why would kids need their own gym? You have to go and see for yourself. The gym is fitted out with the latest high tech state-of-the art equipment for the young ones, while making sure that adult supervision is a constant while they are having fun. Miss Fine was immensely impressed, and I had to promise PROMISE to bring her again. The fee structure is very adaptable, and we can go for a once-off, or pay monthly and seasonal fees.

Inside the Kids Gym - on the treadmills
View from the parent's seating: The Kids Gym - on the treadmills

The Kids Gym is the answer for parents wanting to take their children to a non-competitive space that nurtures a love for physical activity, regardless of their ability. Replicating the model of a typical adults-only gym, The Kids Gym provides children from 18 months to 15 years with the opportunity to exercise and develop skills when it suits them in a fun, activity-oriented venue. The second branch (after Cape Town) of South Africa’s first dedicated children’s gym, seeks to encourage every child, no matter their physical or sporting ability, to be active and embrace exercise and fitness as a lifestyle option. Unlike the adult offering, The Kids Gym does not make use of weight training, instead focuses on the children learning to best utilize and control their own body weight through fun-filled, life-enhancing physical activities, all in a completely non-judgmental environment.
Girl doimg hand stands while trainer is looking on
On-hand trainers at The Kids Gym

“Exercise and physical activity has the power to transform lives. As a national gymnastics coach and father of a daughter with a physical disability, I‘ve seen the transformation both emotionally and physically for children that exercise regularly,” says Glenn Joselowitz, co-owner of The Kids Gym and father to eight-year-old Emily, who serves as inspiration behind the idea.
There are different areas for different age groups, and Miss Fine had to test out the smaller kids area as well. 
Girl in round container at The Kids Gym
The Kids Gym - cedar Square

Next time you will find me at The Ninja Bean Café which focuses on health-orientated drinks and organic and low-gi snacks. I can see many a weekend breakfast while Miss Fine gets rid of all her pent-up energies. Best of all, they are open 7 days a week.

Check out The Kids Gym for different classes as well as pricing options. Also, check out the party options!
Tel: 0106016444 email

The Kids Gym  poster
The Kids Gym - "Where Kids unmask their inner awesome"

Disclaimer: We were invited to the opening of The Kids Gym at Cedar Square last Tuesday. Thanks so much! 

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