Friday, 15 February 2019

We had the most epic date night, but now we have #parentguilt

We had an epic date night last night. We were invited to Menlyn to Hard Rock Café for a show featuring The Muses. Who can say no to that? It's Hard Rock Café, which we love, and it's THÉ Muses. It was perfect for Valentine's Day.

Instagram photos @karentoittoit at Menlyn SA Valentines Day
Last night: Instagram @karentoittoit - #MenlynSA #ValentinesDay (print screen)
We don't get to do date nights that much. It's the budget, and it's Miss Fine... Surely we should grab the opportunity when it presents itself?

The Eldest picked up Miss Fine from her school, and sorted her for the evening. She even helped with the maths test studying. Thank you so much!

BUT... It was a school night.
It was the night before the test. Although we were trying since the weekend to get Miss Fine to study, she only could focus on her Afrikaans speech preparation, and only when it was finished on Wednesday, could she start to give attention to maths. There was not enough time, and we were not there to help her at home last night. When we picked her up at 10 pm last night, she was full of hay-fever because of cats at the house my daughter is staying...

This morning she was tired, cranky and with swollen eyes from the cats. She was feeling unprepared. Hubby could also just drop her off at school because we were 10 minutes later than usual...

He phoned me and said we should rather not do dates during the week. We are both feeling very guilty today. We are feeling like VERY bad parents. We hope that Miss Fine is okay, and that the test was okay? Next time we will do better, Miss Fine! We are sorry!

Last week I high-fived myself, and this week I feel like crap!
Parenting is really hard!

No, we can't take time for ourselves when we want to!
I don't want to feel like this, ever again!


  1. Oh come on you deserve a night out to enjoy yourselves! She will survive you know! I for one am glad you had a good date night. I also got that invite and had to say no because I don't have a date. So I am glad you had a good time :)

    1. Sorry, Heather! :-(
      But we still feel that we should rather not go out on a week night.


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