Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Graduation and the end of an era

We attended the final graduation ceremony of the Student yesterday. She received her post-graduate diploma in Management. She finally finished her final subject in Accounting with a distinction after she did not make it last year!

The day was filled with pride, but also with nostalgic reflection of a time that has passed very quickly!

It was the best of times!
It was a difficult time, especially in the first year of initiation!
It was a time of great friendships!
It was a time of hard work!
It was a time of play!

I am so glad that my daughter had this time in her life!

I think that is one of the greatest accomplishments for parents when their children successfully earn their qualifications to get a kick-start in life!

The friends...

 A special person...

The family...

Thanks to a Dad who had to drive the taxi when the lifts failed. He even drove one evening from a function to pick up his sick daughter to bring her back home before he went back to his work conference.

My eldest is not a Teen nor a Student anymore!
I feel like shedding a tear and shouting Hallelujah at the same time!

So proud of you!
You are my the my example of Parenting-done-right!
Well done, my girl!


  1. Rightly so - you can be so very proud, Huge congratulations

  2. Congratulations. Looks like a special day!

  3. Phenomenal achievement, congratulations to her!!


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