Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How do we teach them to be water wise?

It's very dry here in South Africa, and there are more and more water restrictions being implemented.
I am always trying to teach Little Miss to be conscious about the water that she is using. To not let the water run when she is brushing her teeth, or washing her hands is but one idea.

Is there something more we can do to save this precious resource and that we can teach our kids?

There was a Bird Fair at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens the previous week. We came across Rand Water's Water Wise campaign.

Water Wise has a great website with lots of advice and great stuff for the kids to do!

The following are worth reading and doing with the kids:

- The Water Wise Quiz

- The Water Wise Pledge

Rand Water

- Sign up to the Water Wise Club to get information, newsletters and play some fun games.

- Water wise activities for the classroom. It would even be great to use it at home or homeschooling.

- Water wise games

- Water wise calculator

- Water wise songs

I am glad I found this resource on the web. There's probably lots more!

What are you teaching your kids about water?

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  1. I am a water nazi so a running tap is like nails on a chalk board to me. I wake up from a deep sleep if I hear a tap running just a few seconds too long. I've been known to say "excuse me" and just switch off the tap at work when people just let taps run. Drives me nuts.



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