Thursday, 15 September 2016

5 Most favourite handbag necessities

Bach Rescue Remedy, Zam-Buk, Letibalm, Rain Africa hand cream
I always like to be prepared and carry part of my life with me. My bag is usually very heavy, but just in case... I had once won a prize for having everything in my bag that they could think of! (I'm sure I am not the only one?)

Especially if you have a little ones who sneezes at the most inopportune times and hands you the snot ball in your hand... It happened to Hubby who did not look before he took the "present" to discover what it was! 

I have a little bag of necessities with a few headache and allergy pills in case of emergencies.

I have identified five items that I have come to depend upon that should be in that little bag of necessities at all times!

Five Handbag Necessities

1. Tissues

You can't have too much tissues!

2. Rescue Remedy

I love having the Rescue pills or drops nearby, especially when it's a stressful time. It's also nice to have handy when Little Miss needs a bit of a pep-up. I was at a Bach blogger meetup a while ago to hear that Bach (pronunciation Batch) was the original flower remedy. I absolutely love the Bach pastilles, but we eat it like sweets! If I can't afford it (most of the time), I have a generic equivalent in the my bag. I wish I had it nearby when Little Miss was a baby and had her dyschezia issues. I'm sure it would have helped! The vet also wanted to put our angst-ridden dog who barks incessantly on anti-depressants, but suggested rescue remedy as an alternative when he saw my face (counting the cost of monthly anti-depressants for my dog!).

3. Zam-Buk

This cream has been a constant in our home because it works for everything! From a scratch, to a pimple, to an insect bite! Nothing that soothes a playground mishap as quickly as this! If I don't know what the red or inflamed or bump is on our skins, I use this!

4. Hand lotion

I always make sure that I have hand cream in my bag, because I have very very dry hands. I love the Rain Africa hand lotion that I got in my goodie bag at the latest Jozi Meetup. It's got a lovely fresh smell: saffron tangerine!

5. Letibalm

The Letibalm was a blogger drop just before winter this year. I am so impressed with how well it kept our lips and noses from going dry and cracked through the winter colds! I start and end the day putting it on my lips, as well as putting it on Little Miss' lips.

What are your necessities that you can't go without in your handbag?


  1. Oh I think this needs a post from my side. I also have Zambuk on my top items list

  2. I also like the Letibalm. And tissues of course. And neurofen for headaches. An extra change of clothes for Nicky although I haven't needed them in ages.
    Actually I really need a new handbag.

  3. Really? I need to get some Zambuk then!


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