Sunday, 17 April 2016

Why we should go more camping

We had a lovely weekend of camping! 
Of course it was too short, but this and the fact that it is so much hard work, should not deter us from going camping more often.

Reasons why we should do it regularly:

- It is a cheap holiday. We are able to afford it more often.

- We get to breath a bit of fresh air.

- As city dwellers we get to connect with nature. 

- Children love it. So does Little Miss!

- It is lovely to switch off for a whole weekend and get back to basics. Such as eating, sleeping, swimming, walking and reading! 
NOTHING better than this!

- It feels and is like an adventure each time, and we come back with "camping" stories! For example, this time we had a friendly helper who made setting up much easier, and helped with fixing a broken tent pole. Although we now have to fix a hole in the roof of the tent... (Luckily it did not rain this weekend, or it would have been another story to tell!)

- There is nothing that relaxes more than a camp fire! The best time of the day!

- The children can ride on their bikes and play near the river/beach/field in a relative safe"environment! 

Can you think of any more reasons why we should do it more often?

We should be planning the next camping holiday for next month already!

We were at Buffelspoort with the Voortrekkers this weekend! I can recommend their camping area, as we as all their facilities that they have available. 

Which is your favourite camping area?


  1. Oh I agree - camping is fantastic. We love Pilansberg of course

    1. We have only been to Pilansberg once, but will definitely try it again!

  2. Pilansberg! Bakgatla ;-) Camping is just bringing you much closer to nature. We did amazing camping in the Cotswolds and on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. We just need a bigger tent here.


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