Thursday, 21 April 2016

Why I am still doing Wordless Wednesday's?

Wordless Wednesday

I reached a milestone on my blog yesterday with my 300 Wordless Wednesday post!
My 1st Wordless Wednesday was just a very small photo of The Hubby sleeping on the couch with baby sleeping on top of him. (It was yesterday, surely, not 7 years ago?)

It must be a record somewhere?

It doesn't matter! In my books, it is a record!

Why am I still doing Wordless Wednesday's?

- It is fun!

- I always have a photo to share that is not necessarily worthy of a blog post.

- It increases blog fodder! I don't have to think on a Wednesday of what to post!

- I love looking back at my Wordless Wednesday posts, and being reminded of how quickly she grows up/time flies!

- "A picture is worth more than a thousand words!"
Sometimes it is!

Do you still do a Wordless Wednesday, or is it only me?

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