Friday, 22 April 2016

The heartache of girl politics

I was met by a very upset face yesterday. A friend "made up with her after they had a fight, and told her that she would play with her yesterday". But she did not follow up with her promise...
She was extremely upset (and unpleasant) for the rest of the afternoon!

My heart breaks for her!

I know Little Miss plays her own politics, and sometimes also does not want to play with some of her girl friends. She was busy making a present for her friend (A McD Minion covered in a pretty envelope) yesterday afternoon. To give at school today. (My bleeding heart! sic)

I have tried to explain (countless times!) that she can play with more than one friend, and that she should always be the friend that everybody wants to play with!

Shame, my Little One. (I wish I could make it better!)
I hope you have nice friends today!

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  1. I remember that age the girls can be so awful to each other. At the end of break were all the stories. In the end we have to empower them to sort it out themselves; it is hard though. Even with the little kids I teach I try and look from both sides and see what is happening.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I will try to teach her to look at the other girl's side as well.
    The friend played with her again, but it feels like an uneven relationship!

  3. Ai yes, I hate it! At least A seem to have toughened up a bit


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