Tuesday, 26 April 2016

OT Toys worth playing with and another give-away from Toy Kingdom

Little Miss has been playing with three OT Toys from the Toy Kingdom OT campaign.
Toy Kingdom have identified a few guidelines on choosing OT toys, and also have compiled a list of OT toys that's available in their stores across South Africa. I have shared previously about how I have changed my mind completely about occupational therapy, and that I think it has worth for all children. Especially when they start with school!

It makes a lot of sense to have creative toys in the home. Dana Katz, a registered occupational therapist, believes that moderation and responsible use is key when talking about too much screen time for children. To counter excessive screen time children of all ages should be playing with traditional toys and play actively and independently inside and outside.

Little Miss chose the following from the OT toys available at Toy Kingdom. We based our selection on her age, and what she can use for a couple of years!


OT Toy
Zoob building set
The building set pieces are able to move after the kids have put them together. Children are able to play and manipulate their creations!
Little Miss was so excited when we got this, because she knows it already from school. She said she wanted to kiss it five times! (Definitely worth buying it!)

Anti-Virus from Smart Games

OT Toys

OT Toys

This IQ building set develops logical thinking skills, encourages strategic planning. It also develops visual and spatial perception. The game has 60 challenges on 5 levels.

Little Miss enjoys it and I know we are going to use for quite a while!

Grammar Wise from Chalk & Chuckles

We selected Grammar Wise from the Chalk and Chuckles series. It claims to exercise your colour and language muscles at the same time.

As Little Miss's home language is not English, this is still a bit advanced for her. But she is beginning to read English at school, and we are definitely going to use this in future!

She made a few good choices!


There is another R750 gift voucher up for grabs for one reader of this blog. 
It is unfortunately only open to South African readers.
The Rafflecopter starts on 26 April, and ends on 3 May at 12 am.
(The list of OT Toys from Toy Kingdom is saved in Google Drive.)

You are welcome to submit all the  Rafflecopter prompts for more entries, but one prompt will also give you an entry. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.
We got R1500 to spend on OT toys at Toy Kingdom. 


  1. I would select Quadrillion Game, I love the logic and strategy games. It helps the kids how to think ahead and solve problems.

  2. As much as these are OT toys, no toys are really specific for OT. In fact there are so many toys that are great for working on language too! I woul love some of these to add to my therapy cupboard!

    1. Totally agree with you, Nikki! All toys can help with OT development if used accordingly, but it is nice to know that some are specifically addressing OT needs!

  3. We would love Quadrillion

  4. My lil angel is Barbie and hair obsessed. Will go straight for the BRB Glam Hair braided, BRB Glam color hair extentions and the BRB BRB Glam hair gems. She will be over the moon

  5. would love to have Quadrillion for my older two and the monkey expressions for my youngest monkey

  6. My grandkids would select Quadrillion Game, They love the logic and strategy games. It helps my kids how to think ahead and solve problems.

  7. I think my daughter would pick Penguins on Ice.

  8. Grammar Wise from the Chalk and Chuckles series looks like a good one

  9. rehana seedat I would select Quadrillion Game

  10. Three Little Piggies would make my child thee happiest child ever she loves the story so much so to actually have something more than just a story would be terrific

  11. I would choose Spell Cat for my nephew, as my little boy still a bit small

  12. My son loves building, and cars, so the Smartmax power vehicle mix is a no brainier :)

  13. The quadrillion game looks awesome

  14. I so badly wanted to go this talk but I just couldn't due to work! I am glad you went and got a lot out of it. I think I would get the three little pigs one.

  15. Terrilee Ferreira29 April 2016 at 08:56

    zoob and spell cat

  16. the ZOOB 125 Building Kit would be awesome

  17. Definitely the ZOOB 125 building set pieces - hours of fun to be had and great for the kids

  18. my grandson would love to have the ZOOB building kit as he just loves building things with his hands, this will keep him very busy


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