Tuesday, 26 May 2015



The netball season is nearly over for this year. It has been a huge learning curve for Little Miss! 

She wants to play, but complains about the heat on the field. And then she doesn't want to play any more...
I have a rule that if she said she wanted to do something, she has to stick it out for a whole year!
Most probably she will feel differently next year again...

Little Miss has had to learn about the rules the hard way last week when she was hit in the head by a ball. There was a count-down to get back in the game, but she did not want to go. When she realised that she could not go back for the second half, she was extremely disappointed, and there was a melt-down. (To the embarrassment of the parents!) She later told me she learnt her lesson, and that she did not know that the rules worked that way! She was just crying because she was sad!

I take my hat off to the schools organising these events. The logistics must be a nightmare! 

We have had four tournaments for this season, with about five school competing at the same time. (The parking around the school  is a nightmare to the parents.) They have two 12 minute sessions, before the bell goes. The children are sorted in their positions before the time, and gets their bibs according to the tags on their t-shirts. They also get a chance to play in all the positions. 

It is extremely cute watching them! In the beginning they were not even running or throwing the ball in the direction of the goalie, but were just playing to get the ball to any one of their teams on the field. They are also constantly reminded by the teachers and the parents to watch the ball. We have had to send Little Miss back in when she wanted to leave because she was thirsty or hungry! (A standard excuse, but it is more directed to the nearby tuck shop that is open while the games are on). 

They are also not keeping scores for the younger teams. But you would not say it if you watch the parents and grandparents standing next to the fields!

I am glad that the season is nearing the end. 
We have another event this afternoon! ("This too will pass!")


  1. Did our duties at the netball but A has now settled into hockey. But believe me Bulletjie rugby is intence

  2. It is good that you are teaching her to stick it out with her choices for a year. Wish my DIL would do that with my grandchildren...when they no longer want to do something...they just stop.

  3. I'm sure she is learning a lot and good for you for making her stick with it.

  4. A very good lesson!!!! Sticking to whatever you begin is a good life lesson


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