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Winnie the Pooh coming to Disney Junior from Sunday 24 May - watch to win a Winnie the Pooh soft toy!

Winnie the Pooh to premiere on 24 May on Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309).
Who does not love the cute Bear who's tummy is always rumbling for honey?! I did not knew him when I was little as we did not have access to the Afrikaans translation at that stage. But I have been enjoying and reading Winnie the Pooh with both my daughters.

There's nothing quite like a Winnie the Pooh quote:
"Some people care too much. I think it's called love.” 
           “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?”  
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
Please watch the first episode Springtime with Roo at one of the following time slots to be able to win one of five 61cm Winnie the Pooh soft toy (teddy bears) next week. I will ask a question about the episode next Monday, and five people will be able to win.

(Open to South African readers only)

Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309):
Sunday 24 May
Springtime with Roo: 10:25 – 11:15 (Premiere)
Sunday 24 May
Springtime with Roo: 15:30 – 16:25 (Premiere)

Monday 01 June 2015: 
Back-to-back episodes will be running


Did you know the following about Winnie the Pooh?

10 Facts about Winnie The Pooh:

1.  Winnie the Pooh was brought to life on Christmas Eve in 1925 when the first Pooh story, written by AA Milne, was published in the London Evening News. (Source: approved factsheet)

2. The story was based on a bedtime story read by AA Milne to his son, Christopher Robin. (Source: approved factsheet)

3. The first Winnie the Pooh book, simply named Winnie the Pooh, was published in October 1926. Now We Are Six followed in 1927 and House at Pooh Corner was published in 1928. (Source: approved factsheet)

4. A first edition of Winnie the Pooh was sold for $13,200 at Christie’s of New York on 18 November 1988. (Source: The Brilliant Career of Winnie the Pooh by Ann Thwaite)

5. Having been published in October 1927, Now We Are Six sold 94,000 copies in England by Christmas that year, overtaking the original Winnie the Pooh story. (Source: The Brilliant Career of Winnie the Pooh by Ann Thwaite)

6. After 80 years of friendship and adventure, Winnie the Pooh has become a worldwide favourite with mothers and children of all ages, with near universal familiarity among mothers with children aged 2-5. (Source: approved factsheet)

7. The characters in AA Milne’s stories are based on toys once owned by his son. The original stuffed toys are now kept in New York Public Library. (Source: approved factsheet)

8. The original Pooh bear was bought in Harrod's department store and given by AA Milne to his son Christopher Robin on his first birthday, 21 August 1921. He was called Edward Bear at the time.  (Source:, New York Public Library website)

9. Christopher Robin named his stuffed bear Winnie the Pooh after a Canadian bear that his father took him to see at London Zoo (Winnie) and a swan near the family's country home (Pooh). (Source: approved factsheet)

10. The Canadian bear at London Zoo got her name from the Canadian town of Winnipeg and was taken to London Zoo on a long loan in 1914 by Harry Colebourn, a soldier in the First World War. (Source: The Brilliant Career of Winnie the Pooh by Ann Thwaite)

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