Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A snippet of our lives - sharing on social media #JoziMeetup

I am constantly being told to take photos of things, but not so much of her any more. 
Only some days...

Here's a food face she wanted me to capture!
It was a win-win! I got her to eat some fruit, and she could use her creative energies!

I loved what Marcia Francois  (The 123 Blog, Organising Queen) said at the most recent JoziMeetup about sharing on social media:

We should always realise the place of social media in our lives. 
Social media sharing is only a short snippet of a life!

Real life moments happen in between social media snippets!

Social media is not life!

It's a good reminder!

(This picture does not show the tantrum that went before, nor does it show the disorder in our house because she has been building houses with chairs and blankets...)

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  1. And indeed only if it's fun for her ;-)
    I have problems to get the grown ups pose for my photo's.
    They think "their brand" is strong enough not to use any personal photo's.
    Eish! Working with people.... young or old is a challenge ;-)

  2. So true :) And one day they eat that, the next day they don't! :0

    I LOVED meeting you!

  3. So very true. Some people think that FB is their life.

  4. So very true. Some people think that FB is their life.

  5. So true!!! Marcia is one wise woman


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