Monday, 11 May 2015

A beautiful living #JoziMeetup

I am never disappointed when I attend a bloggers' meeting. The most recent JoziMeetup on Saturday was a real treat in meeting other bloggers as well as getting three inspirational talks that gave me lots to think about!

A special thanks to the two ladies who makes this possible: Heather Step (SAMomBlogs; One Step at a Time) and Laura Le Roux (Harassed Mom)! We appreciate you efforts and getting those lovely goody bags together!

Heather Step and Laura le Roux
The lovely Bub Hub at Broadacres
The three speakers were a good mix of focusing on our wardrobes, our skin and making a beautiful life!

Nastassja Petersen (MrsRog√©ro), a fashion and style guru, told us about tricks of illusion dressing. The peplum cut demonstrated here hides much of problem tummy area. 

Nastassja Petersen

Marcia Francois (The 123 Blog, Organising Queen) knows it is possible to design a beautiful life. The secret to a beautiful living lies in intention and purpose. It starts with determining ones values, and to align that with priorities in one's life!

The secret: 1. Values - 2. People - 3. Other things

People should always be chosen over things!

Marcia Francois

A photo posted by Karen Du Toit (@karentoittoit) on

Melanie Frost of  Mama Mio Skincare (@MamaMioSA) told us more about winter skin and how to look after it in winter. She is also very excited about recent developments in skincare which are made possible by technology. We can get back the elasticity in our skins! (Good news to me!)

Melanie Frost
The goody bag is great!

Stationary by Gumtree (name tags, bags, agenda, notebook, pen)
Mama Mio cream sample
Amway: Artistry skin refinisher, lip gloss, lipstick, hand & nail cream
Mascara: Stage Line Professional Make Up - 27 Red
NUK sippy cup
It seems I am also in a winning streak, and won a gift voucher of R500 from Just Cruizen Woman's Clothing Shop at Broadacres Shopping Centre. I had no problem in redeeming it for this wonderful jacket! 

Just Cruizin
It was also great meeting up with fellow bloggers, and nice to put some more faces to the blogs!
My blog list is growing again!

Totally divine Contreau mixes made possible by
Butterknife PR (@Butter_KnifePR)


  1. Thanks for the great supportive post! Thanks for your support, it is appreciated. I am so chuffed you got a nice jacket. :)


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