Friday, 8 May 2015

I know what I want for Mother's Day!

New Mac Notebook
I have a new focus on my Vision Board. The New Mac Notebook was revealed last night, and I had the good fortune to hold it in my hands.

New MacBook reveal at the iStore last night
It's super thin 13.1 mm, very light 0.9 kg and has a 12-inch retina display!
It's got stunning specs, but I was amazed at how light and shiny it is. There is an option between dove grey, silver or gold colours. (The gold one gets my vote!)

I can picture myself taking this everywhere. As you all know that I LOVE my iPad, and that I take it everywhere with me, but there are still some things you can't do with an iPad.
The new Mac Notebook will definitely be great to have to be able slip in my handbag, and take it along as well as it apparently also got super long battery life!

The Reveal Film gives a better idea of how beautiful it is, but I suggest you go to the nearest iStore this weekend to hold one in your hands!

As I know that I have a less than zero chance to get one now - the Dutwats-family is super broke, AND we are trying to save for that upcoming US tour - I can still drool over it!
It's first on my Vision Board of gadgets that I want!
It will be my gift to myself! (Promise!)


For Mother's Day on Sunday I am looking forward to spend the weekend with my family. On Sunday we will be spending it with my parents and an aunt who's also been a second mother to me and to the daughters, at a restaurant. The ultimate treat for us as mothers!

I am grateful for the great mother that I have, and grateful being a mother to two daughters who are bringing me so much joy!
(We will be missing The Student who won't be able to make it for the weekend!)

What are your plans for Mother's Day, and what do you want as Mother's Day gift?

Disclaimer: No, I was not given a new MacBook! (*crying*) 
                 Or asked to write anything, or got anything for writing this! 


  1. I am camping - with the Voortrekkers - helping with the grade 4 course. And then I take my mom in to hospital. SO I hope to have a Mothersday dinner

    1. Enjoy the camping, Cat! Best wishes with your mom and that she will recover quickly!

  2. We're doing breakfast with Steve's mom and lunch with mine...for me...I'd settle for a tight hug and a shower of kisses.

  3. We just had breakfast at the Wimpy and bought lunch - as long as I don't have to cook I am happy!
    That gadget looks quite nice. :) Nicky has taken over my IPad but I use my laptop a lot now.


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