Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Onesie - a student fashion must-have?

"Definition of onesie in English:
Line breaks: one¦sie
1 A loose-fitting one-piece leisure garment covering the torso and legs:
I’d had a bath and was in my onesie ready to settle down for yet another reality TV marathon."          -
Oxdord Dictionaries

The Student has been begging for a onesie since last year. We struggled to find one the previous year, but this year she got her wish!
This one is from Edgars, and it even has a hood with pockets in front! (Little Missy was not impressed that her onesies does not have the pockets... *sigh*)
I had bought two bigger onesies for Little Missy about two years back, and they are still doing the job this year.

I expressed the wish that I hope it won't be worn to class, but it seems it is a wish in futility!

A while back I saw a young girl/lady with a onesie at Spur, and my jaw must have dropped, because the mother said: "Yes, I know! At least it is covering everything that it should!"


  1. There is nothing wrong with wearing a thing like that in public, especially to an ice rink.

  2. LOL! I guess anything goes these days.


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