Thursday, 10 April 2014

Digital detox with Unroll.Me: great for busy moms

Daily Rollup in my Inbox

I was alerted to Unroll.Me in my Inbox.
It streamlines and cleans up your Inbox.

Lauren Browdy from Unroll.Me says the following about doing a "Digital detox:
 Sounds so nice, but it’s totally unpractical to go without technology for too long, right? Well, decluttering your inbox is the best way to bring about sanity, and save an extra hour in your day.
As a mom, having to clean up after your kids, and clean up your house, and NOW your inbox too – it’s totally unmanageable! While we can’t really help you with your house (sorry!), we can certainly do a thing or two about that inbox.
I want to introduce you to Unroll.Me – a free service that allows users to mass
unsubscribe from the subscriptions they no longer want to receive but keep the ones they want by placing them into a daily digest email, called the Rollup.
A study from the McKinsey Global Institute shows that we spend an average 13 hours of the workweek on email. Think about how much of that time can be saved by simply not having to sort through all the junk to find what you're looking for!"

I have been using it for a week, and I must confess that I love having a much cleaner Inbox.
I don't have to look at all the clutter that comes in regularly. You have an option to select a time during the day that you want the Daily Roll-up, and I love that it all gets sorted in different "boxes" when it comes from the same subscriptions.
I can decide to delete more subscriptions with the daily Rollup or I can unsubscribe some of the subscriptions that I want to see immediately when it comes in.

I can recommend it to any mom (for that matter; any person) who don't have the time wading through all those subscriptions each day.

I can't remember where I subscribed to most of it in the first place?
(Most probably those competitions that gets me to tick the subscribe boxes... "sigh")


  1. This is a good idea. This will benefit me too. I lose lots of hours on emails.

  2. I love Unroll.Me, too. I find it perfect for store emails, because I can still search my email for particular coupons if I'm shopping, but I'm not pestered by daily reminders to visit their sites.


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