Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Filed for future reference: The Lunch Box

The daily lunch box
We have to put in a lunch box for 10 am each day at the school.
We are not allowed by the school to put in any sweets. (Which we totally agree with, of course! But it makes it even more difficult to come up with new treats.)

We have a weekly outing to the shops to search for a variety of healthy snacks to put in the lunch box. I also have to be very creative in the way I present it in the lunch box. It sometimes does not even get opened.

And what gets eaten one week does not get eaten the next...

I was told to put in carrots one day, and for all the the other days it was not even touched again.
Apples and bananas rarely gets a bite, and yesterday we were told that she does not like biltong.
(There is only one expletive that works here! WTF!!)

With a different picture each day
The lunch box on top has the following:

- Beef biltong slices
- Two small tomatoes
- Heart sandwich with biltong and butter spread
- Dried fruit strips
- One rusk
- Salt biscuits
- 2 Digestive biscuits with chocolate coating on one side (a bit of a sweet)
- Slice of cheese

I also do a daily different picture on the lunch box with a permanent marker which can be washed off each day.

For future reference: Little Missy, I hope you read/see this one day!
We did put in a lot of effort.


  1. LOL! I see my grandchildren's lunch boxes and just say wow. I remember when life was way simpler and we just stuck some sandwiches in a lunchbox.

  2. I have found out that simpler is better - less is more. A full sandwhich, something like biltong, nuts or cheese and fruit or dried fruit. Less variety today means tomorrow is more interesting with "new" stuff. BTW Woollies now has small tubes with drinking yogurt

    1. Thanks Cat! Maybe I should try it! Keeping it simple!
      Woollies is our go-to store for lunch boxes. She loves those drinking yoghurt tubes.

  3. Drawing pictures on the lunch box is a very cute idea! :) Little Missy would surely appreciate that in the future :)

  4. This is a higher-grade lunch box! Well done. Felix gets a sandwich, tomatoes, carrot sticks, and a fruit every day. I'm not a higher-grade lunchbox maker, but I do remember our lunchboxes in the olden days were brown bread and peanut butter and a bottle of water, so I guess standards have gone up! ;)

    1. Yes, I also had a sandwich and a fruit. That was it!

  5. Glad you have made a record of this, especially the picture on the lunch box. I remember at school I just had sandwich and a juice, nowadays the kids really have fancy stuff. So maybe the other commentators have a point.

  6. Wow! Don't you want to pack me a lunch box too? I promise I'll eat everything! ;-)


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