Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Big girl

She is Big! in so many ways now!

- We are seeing less of those tantrums. (I hope Murphy is not around!)

- She has lost her first tooth, and it was so much fun enjoying the first visit of the tooth mouse in our house. The Tooth Mouse  got a letter from her, and she was extremely impressed that he left her a small thank you letter as well. (He wrote to say thank you for the very well preserved tooth, and that he can see that she brushes her teeth!)

- She thinks that R10 ( 0.95 USD) in coins is a lot of money! *Phew!*

- It is an absolute pleasure to take her to a play area nowadays. She goes off and plays on her own for most of the time. Just sometimes she still needs her dad to come and watch something that she is doing.

- She is doing hand- and head stands all the time, and getting it right some of the times. She is mightily impressed that she can swing upside-down hanging from her legs, although her hands must still be able to touch the ground.

- She plays on her own at home as well. If left to her own devices, she will be found painting, colouring, playing with her dolls, building Lego, or trying to jump rope. "Because my teacher said I must practise!"

- She tries to understand how stuff works, and how the universe is put together. We have to really think about our answers.

- She has an in-built "wisdom", and sometimes you just have to nod and say: "Yes, that's how it is!" Because disagreement is not worth the arguments that follow! She KNOWS how it works!

- She asks constantly when it is going to be school again! She loves it!

- She still argues about clothes, and wanting to wear shorts when it's cold. I sometimes just put in the warmer clothes, because she is the first to complain when the cold air hits her legs!

- She still loves her pasta. She had pasta for breakfast just this morning at her grandmother's house. (It was supposed to be for lunch...)

- We are loving having social responsibility conversations with her. "I would never steal other planet's resources!" (While watching Avatar.)

- We love our Big Little Missy!  She was small just the other day, and we sometimes miss it!
But we love the personality unfolding!

Photo: At the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens yesterday. She spent most of her time collecting the dandelion seed pods and blowing them away!


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