Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bum up and go the same as dealing with DV

I do not get bored with status updates about how many kilometres you have done, or how many press-ups you have done.

I get insanely, green, dark-green, purple jealous!!!

Because I know how pleased you are and should be about yourself!
And how much good you have packed into that exercise.

Meanwhile, back at the Bum in the chair, I am Slump-Sister!
And not feeling good at all about myself!

It struck me today that not exercising is the same as being stuck in domestic violence.

You are the only person that can change the situation!

- You can complain until your hair falls out and your toes turn orange. It will not change the situation.

- You can feel sorry for yourself. You can cry. It will not change the situation.

- You can tell the priest, the psychologist, your family and friends about your bum deal. It will not change the situation!

- You can stay! It will not change the situation!

How to deal with domestic violence:

- You need to make the ultimatums!
- You have to act if things does not change.
- You have to get out of there! 

Of course it is not easy, but is it possible.
Staying there is also a decision!


So, I lifted my bum today:

20 minutes of rolling hills on level 3 gave me 7 kilometres.
100 arm exercises (don't know what you call it), and 30 sit-ups!

Better than staying on my chair during lunch-time!


  1. Well done my friend. After my back op I don't have a choice, if I skip two days of exercise...my back plays up...that keeps me in the zone. Hang in there...it is so worth it.

  2. Well done :) I agree it is about you making the change but I found that going to the biokineticist forced me into going and knowing I am accountable to someone else (who I pay) made me put in a little more effort!

  3. I feel exactly the same. Well done on taking the first step!

  4. I always feel good about myself with or without exercise. I don't understand why people will use exercise to make them feel good, I don't think I'm even human.


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