Friday, 12 October 2012

University initiation - How long should it last?

Initiation at university. 

We became aware this year of how prevalent it still is in our higher institutions of education. 

I felt in the beginning of the year that I had failed my child for allowing her to have to go through this type of treatment to have a place to stay while studying.

The worst. The initiation has still not ended. It is nearly end of the year, and the exams are around the corner. 

They are still being subjected to initiation practices. They have not been discharged from the practices, although all the rest of the residences have finished with these practices in August or earlier. 

My thoughts are that it should not happen at all, but at least that it should not be allowed to take as long as this. 
As far as I know the University has a policy that says that it should end at the end of August!

I think it is just a formal nod to bullies to continue with their bullying behaviour! 
The practice of initiation creates bullies! 

I am really not impressed! Every time my daughter thinks this is the evening that they are going to be discharged and that the practise would end...

Holding thumbs that it will be the end this weekend! 
I am sorry, my girl!

How long should it last, do you think?

(Photo taken last night)

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  1. I don't approve of initiation to start with but if it does have to happen surely the practice should last a few weeks at most. How can they expect students to study for their exams if they are being harrased everyday? Your poor daughter. I really hope things improve for her soon.

  2. I have to agree with you, I don't approve either. Ridiculous really, and for it to carry on for an entire year!

  3. Horrible situation. I really think it puts a great institution to shame

  4. I think it is a shame...and so childish.


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