Thursday, 4 October 2012

Reasons why I consumed a vampire book in a weekend

I struggle to read through a book, and sometimes it takes me months to finish one. I still need to finish the final Dragon Tattoo book in The Millennium Series... (I am going to!!)

But it is getting better with actually sitting down and reading! The Toddler can keep herself occupied for a while now, and when she sleeps, she is down for the night!

I have noticed that my reading has changed with the e-Reader. You search through the free ebooks, and get one which sounds a bit interesting...

And only after a few chapters you realize that it is a book about vampires, and now you have to see how it ends!

Especially since the heroine is a librarian who loves special collections of old manuscripts, and wears combat boots with pencil skirts. And dye her hair black, and works for a vampire!

Now it is only the first book in the Elemental Mysteries Book 1...
And the rest are not free!
Very slick, Amazon!

Have you also noticed a change in your reading material since having an e-Reader?


  1. I don't like e-Readers, I like holding a real book in my hand, smell the cover, open it, smell the fresh pages and then start to read it, sprinkle the whole book with my scent. With an e-Reader you cant smell the pages.

  2. Oh yes, I do. But only on the ereader. The rest is still mainly bookclub reads

  3. I am still a paper book girl. I have managed to read my way through 5 books in the past two weeks that we have been on holiday. Crime novels are my favourite.


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