Monday, 22 October 2012

Annual Pink walk for breast cancer

The annual iTthemba Walkathon was again held in Johannesburg.

The family fun walk is a favourite of ours to attend.
It gets the family out in the outdoors and gives us a good exercise for a Sunday morning.
It also helps us to think we are doing our little bit for breast cancer awareness, as well as contributing to a good cause.

Ever since we got the scare when my daughter discovered the lump in her breast, we have become more aware of how important that check-up is. 18-year olds can get breast cancer!

I also have a colleague who went for her regular check-up just a week ago. She is completely clear after she had to go through a harrowing ordeal of a double mastectomy to save her from definite breast cancer in the future. Her story is here.
Now she does not have to worry about the C-sword hanging over her head, and she can plan her life with a long future ahead of her!

Not even the clouds or threats of thunderstorms could dampen  the walkers
Figures of 27 000-30 000 participants were mentioned
There was some enthusiastic walking by the Toddler,
but we  were glad we brought the stroller along

At the finish line!
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