Thursday, 14 June 2012

Winter, you've got me slumped

On my way to work at nearly 7am
I really don't do winter very well!

This time of the year when it is cold and dark...
And day after day feels like a struggle to get out of bed.

All I have are the winter groans, and the winter cragginess that have set in...
It feels like my head is frozen in a slump of ... nothing!

I know I should pep-talk myself into gratefulness, and that the winter sun goes a long way to help getting us out of this!

I don't like the winter!

I feel like signing out for the next two months!
Signing off! For now! (Not really!!)

Tomorrow it will look better again?


  1. Then you should never live in London! Just have to wear the right gear.

    1. I know we complain too much on this side of the world ;-)

  2. You should go stand infront of a mirror look at yourself then say 'I LOVE WINTER' after you have said it, say it again louder then the third time scream it with your hands in the air. Then go outside tap people on the shoulder and tell them you love winter. if you have done all that you will never hate winter again :-)

  3. I'm sure this would make me laugh! Thanks for the advice ;-)

  4. I hear you on the winter thing. It's a rough one in Northern Canada when it comes. And it's six months long in the western part of the country. Sigh.

  5. Oh I just want to hibernate!


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